Ready for a Massage?

A Spa Ahhfair brings the relaxation of massage to the comfort of your chosen location.
A Spa Ahhfair Mobile Spa & Massage employs only highly skilled, licensed and insured therapists. Therapists customize each massage based on a client’s requirements and needs.

Corporate/Event Chair Massage

A Spa Ahhfair: Mobile chair massage in Summit County, Colorado

Prices ranging from $115 per hour to $2.00/minute depending on number of guests scheduled.

Do you have a corporate, family or group event planned in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Impress your guests/employees with on-site chair massage. We set up at your event and guests sign up for 10-15 min neck and shoulder massages.


Individual services:



Soothing full-body massage performed with long smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements. Applied to promote circulation, relieve tension and promote relaxation.

A Spa Ahhfair: On-site massage in Summit County, Colorado


30 minutes – $80 (must be booking at least two 30 minutes per therapist)

60 minutes – $135

90 minutes – $185


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

A Spa Ahhfair: Outcall deep tissue massage in Breckenridge, Colorado

A deep tissue massage is the remedy for a hard day on the mountain. A deep bodywork technique that slowly works into deeper layers of tissue to relieve chronic patterns of stress and tension. It works to reduce adhesions in the tissue and promotes tissue healing.

30 minutes – $85 (must be booking at least two 30 minutes per therapist

60 minutes – $145

90 minutes – $195





Pre-Natal Massage

A nurturing massage technique for the soon to be mom. Trained therapists perform a relaxing full-body massage to decrease discomfort and stress during this time of change while taking extra care to position and support the abdomen and body.

A Spa Ahhfair: Mobile prenatal massage in Breckenridge, Colorado

30 minutes – $80 (must be booking at least two 30 minutes per therapist)

60 minutes – $135

90 minutes – $185


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is perfect for those cold, snowy days. The Ultimate in deep relaxation. Combines the relaxing effects of traditional massage with the benefit of heated basalt stones. The heated stones are applied to the body in order to release tension and negative energy. This allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. The hot stones’ warmth improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

A Spa Ahhfair: On-site hot stone massage in Summit County, Colorado

60 minutes – $155

90 minutes – $205




Add-On Services

Aromatherapy – $20