Body Treatments

Body Treatment Details

Body Treatments are performed on a massage table. The use of the client’s own shower to rinse off in between treatments is recommended but heated wet towels can be used. Each relaxing and nourishing body treatment offers custom specifications for the individual client’s needs. All body treatments should be administered before shaving, waxing and spray tan services. Body Scrubs Body scrubs provide an exfoliation for the full body. The dead skin layer is removed from the body leaving the skin feeling smooth, silky and hydrated.

Body Scrubs

A Spa Ahhfair: Mobile body treatment in Summit County, Colorado

Full Body Indulgence

60 minutes – $150

Treatment begins with a dry brushing of the skin to remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, aid in the elimination of toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Next, the scrub of your choice is applied to fully exfoliate and hydrate the skin. After the removal of the scrub a moisturizing body butter is massaged into the skin to seal in and retain hydration.

Body Scrub Add-On

25 minutes – $60

The perfect 25-minute add-on to any massage. Scrub of your choice is applied to fully exfoliate and hydrate the skin. The use of a shower is recommended for this service.

Scrub Choices

Sea Salt Glow

Therapeutic and mineral rich Dead Sea Salts stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells and impurities. A special blend of natural oils, customized essential oil blends and natural luffa help to replenish, hydrate and soften skin. Boosts following treatments absorption.

Sugar Body Polish

Made with a blend of brown and white sugars. Contains milk proteins, honey, clover and Royal Jelly. These nutrients help create greater elasticity and firmness, hydrate, protect and cleanse the skin. Stimulates circulation to reveal a healthy glow to the skin. Customized essential oil blends are added to complete the treatment.

Micro-Buff Body Polish

A creme-based exfoliation recommended for sensitive skin. The Micro-Buff Body Polish refines rough skin, removes flakes without irritation and softens the skin. The micronized buffing beads help to lift away dead skin while the combination of wheat, Apricot and Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acids accelerate skin cell renewal. Customized essential oil blends are added to complete the treatment.

Mud Treatments A Spa Ahhfair: On-site body treatment in Breckenridge, Colorado

60 minutes- $150

These hour-long treatments firm, hydrate, tone and detoxify the skin. A scalp, face and neck massage is given while warm mud nourishes and infuses the skin.

Mud Choices

European Rose Body Mud

Natural sun-dried rose clay refines, hydrates and softens skin. The combination of Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acid, natural Amino Acids, Beta Glucan and Rosa Centifola aids in the acceleration of skin cell renewal.

Black Baltic Body Mud

Organic silts assists in the extraction of pore clogging impurities. This treatment promotes detoxification and improves skins texture and skin tone.

Firmi-Sea Body Mud

An active seaweed blend containing rich concentrations of algae, minerals and vitamins. Tones, stimulates and smoothes skins texture for a firming effect. Re-mineralize your skin with this treatment.

Note: Must book a minimum of 2 hours worth of services per spa technician.